Aircon Plus by HCW

£925.00 Excl VAT

Roof air conditioning unit by HCW – the ultimate camper van or motorhome air conditioning unit equipped with an inverter compressor for optimal performance. Its ultra-compact and lightweight design, coupled with a streamlined shape, not only enhances the aesthetics but also minimises resistance for efficient airflow. Controlled temperature in three ways, by remote, thermostat or manually on the unit.

Crafted with an environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, this unit boasts high cooling capacity and an impressive COP for energy efficiency. The anti-corrosion material ensures durability and waterproofing, complete with a smooth drainage system. Perfectly suited for a 400x400mm installation frame, AirCon Plus offers two-way efficient airflow distribution.

Maintenance is a breeze with an easily removable and cleanable filter. The ultra-thin body design keeps the overall height below 225mm, making it a sleek and unobtrusive addition to your camper van. Elevate your travel experience with AirCon Plus – where compact, efficient, and stylish design meets reliable cooling performance.