Bench Electric Toilet

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Bench Electric Toilet by NomadicArk, featuring an optional 14.4L built-in water supply and pump.

Size (LxWxH) : 670mm L  405mm W 522mm H

Size with lid open (LxWxH) : 670mm L 405mm W 859.5mm H

Please see second image for L/H and R/H configuration.

The main body, constructed from lightweight material, houses a specially designed bowl for effortless cleaning and water-saving flushing, ensuring a sustainable solution.

Enjoy superior hygiene with the antibacterial toilet lid and seat, equipped with a magnetic mechanism for stability and a noise-reducing soft-close function. Notably, this toilet is independent of central sewerage pipes, incorporating a built-in waste collection device. Sensors to indicate when the black water tank is full, preventing potential overflows.

Each toilet comes complete with a venting device to eliminate odours. The addition of a pull rod and wheels ensures easy mobility. Plus, high-gloss flaps and sealing rings between the tank and bowl effectively prevent liquid leakage and odour spread, offering a reliable and efficient portable sanitation solution. Perfect for motorhomes and campers.

Maximum load of 120kg.

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